It is one of human’s greatest endeavors to turn the desert into a forest of plush shrubs and towering graceful trees. While UNIMAC may not offer you an entire forest, what we do offer are beautifully designed gardens for homes and public spaces, that range from center islands of urban main roads to the public parks within land developments that caters to children, adults, and even beloved pets.

Irrigation Network

Like all living things on Earth, trees and shrubs need water to survive. UNIMAC uses a range of irrigation technologies and products ensuring that clean suitable water reaches all corners of your parks and gardens, allowing the highest efficiency of water consumption and achieving the maximum utility of each cubic meter of water.

Irrigation Tanks

No successful irrigation network is complete without its appropriately sized, complimentary irrigation tank. For this reason, UNIMAC has gained the expertise to build underground concrete irrigation tanks that range from 200m3 tanks for small backyards to 10,000m3 for large public parks.

Trees & Shrubs Procurement and Planting

Trees and shrubs are procured from all over the world making sure that they are suitable for the arid Saudi Arabian climate. After the selections are made according to client requirements and irrigation networking and tanks are set in place, UNIMAC prepares the correct blend of soil and fertilizers, ensuring that the trees and shrubs obtain the maximum nutrients to grow healthily. Required depths when planting and distances from plant to plant are always taken into consideration to ensure the best results.

Onsite Nurseries

Upon the client’s request, UNIMAC is capable of setting up and managing onsite nurseries for trees and shrubs. These nurseries can be used to climatize all live landscaping products if imported from out of the Kingdom from different environments, and to give enough time to adapt to the local environment and water conditions. Another benefit for onsite nurseries is the ability for the client to procure all trees and shrubs throughout the year, especially during the months that are not suitable for planting. Overall, the investment in onsite nurseries is very reasonable compared to their many enormous benefits.