Roads & Highways


UNIMAC’s capabilities with asphalting are sophisticated enough to meet the needs of projects regardless of size. Specific mix designs can be made to guarantee requirements are met. Our capabilities range from commercial requirements to airports and runways, all the way through to professional racetracks including Formula 1 and Formula E circuits.

Road Marking & Signage

Complementing our asphalting activity, UNIMAC also conducts road marking and signage works, as well as ceramic and reflective road stud installation, using all modern equipment and the highest quality of paints.

Road & Highway Maintenance

UNIMAC has specialized in roads and highways maintenance for more than 40 years. Our maintenance services range from milling old asphalt layers using our fleet of milling machines, asphalt crack repair, geotextile laying to retard surface cracks, and resurfacing with fresh layers of asphalt.

Road & Highway Infrastructure

UNIMAC has been building the highways of Saudi Arabia for decades. We realize that what is hidden beneath the ground is critical to the sustainability and long-term urban development of the cities we work in. For this reason, we make it a priority to consult our clients and contribute to the master plan that is shaping Saudi Arabia from the ground below.