Land Development Projects
From small developments to mega-projects, our land developments team is fully equipped to execute works from the storm drainage systems, underground sewage and water networks, all ranges of earthworks, road works, MV/LV electrical design and installation, until the final landscape and hardscape scopes. Naturally, we can design the most appropriate mix designs to use for the road and highway networks, inclusive of the low voltage and medium voltage scopes, as well as road marking and signage.

Removing, shifting, and compacting tons of rock and dirt is a specialty of UNIMAC. Every day we work with thousands of tons of earth material, manipulating and shaping landscapes and topographies into the roads, highways, and airports we use every day. UNIMAC’s range of earth moving equipment ranges 40 kg hand rollers up to our 110 tons Komatsu bulldozer D475.

For any land development project, the proper water, sewage, and stormwater drainage networking must be designed, catering to its specific requirements. UNIMAC has the capabilities of recognizing and utilizing surrounding infrastructural works to connect to and implement an all-round successful wet utilities system regardless of capacity.