UNIMAC Construction Materials Divison
Crushed Rock AggregatesPurchasing crushed rock aggregates from UNIMAC will not only greatly improve material quality but will also maximize a client’s satisfaction thereby making them feel more confident and secure in your present and future projects. With 6 crushers, our total aggregate production sites with premium machinery produce between 100,000-150,000 tons a year.

UNIMAC aggregates are not only being used by our contracting division, but by other companies as well.
Asphalt ProductionUNIMAC provides high-quality asphalt which has reliable and longevity. UNIMAC’s asphalt materials have been designed in-house and approved by the Ministry of Transportation and the municipality, amongst other government and private entities. In addition, production plants are all frequently calibrated, with highly skilled operators ensuring a perfectly blended product. UNIMAC has two separate asphalt production facilities with a total of 6 plants and produces not only grey asphalt but coloured asphalt as well. The total production of asphalt is 7,500 tons of asphalt daily.

The crusher facility at Al Samman has the capacity to produce 45,000 tons of rock aggregate on a monthly basis.


Al Kharj’s crushing facility produces 45,000 tons of aggregates per month as well.


Al Rumah crushing facility is our largest site, with the capacity to produce over 100,000 tons of aggregates a month.