Airport Infrastructure

Runway & Taxiway Asphalting

UNIMAC has been paving the runways and taxiways of Saudi Arabia’s airports for years. Appreciating the sensitivity, security, and reliability that is required of us, we always guarantee premium quality delivery executed within the tightest schedules. Being entrusted to complete these tasks while meeting different challenges in each project, UNIMAC has proven to be a trusted partner to Saudi Arabia’s aviation fields.

With over 40 years of experience in developing mix designs and asphalting, UNIMAC has proudly retained its clients in the industry and are able to execute a range of airfield asphalt mixtures, which have high levels of a rut and reveling resistance for heavy-duty use.

Airfield Maintenance

UNIMAC’s experience in airfield maintenance ranges from asphalt and concrete crack repair, concrete joint replacement, up to the complete milling and resurfacing of entire runways. What differentiates airfield maintenance from regular highway maintenance is the ability to complete the job at extremely tight project schedules, while maintaining safety, security, and quality.

Runway & Taxiway Lighting

UNIMAC is capable of installing, upgrading, and replacing all ranges of airfield lighting systems including runway and taxiway lights (ground mounted or in deep cans), elevated lights (approach lights), wind cones, and construction lights. Installation includes cabling and connection to control boxes and the control tower.