When working with UNIMAC, you’re working with a PARTNER.

UNIMAC is a Class 1 heavy civil contracting company that focuses on the design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure. With over a thousand employees, and more than 900 plants and equipment, UNIMAC is capable of independently designing and self-executing projects ranging from airport infrastructure to inter-city highways.


United Maintenance and Contracting Company (UNIMAC) was established in 1979 with very limited resources, taking on small to modest-sized projects. With continuous reinvestment of profits throughout the years, today UNIMAC has grown to a first class operation, owning and operating more than 900 plants, equipments, and vehicles. The projects in our portfolio have grown to construction of infrastructure of the airports and Air Bases, design and execution of major highways, as well as full scope land developments.

Our growth was not merely in terms of project capacity, but also in terms of our in-house operations and departments. To complement our contracting divisions, we developed a crushed aggregates production facilities, our own asphalt production facilities, a laboratory and quality management department, a transportation department, and a project studies and designs department.

With all of the above, we remain a family-owned and run business, allowing our clients and customers to put a face to a name. Our reputation is our anchor – one of trustworthiness, reliability, and partnership. This is everything that we, as UNIMAC, believe in and stand for.


Our mission is to create a team with all the best minds in the industry, creating the most reliable and durable infrastructure in the region. Keeping ourselves up to date of developments on a global scale, we will always strive for betterment and advancement in our production, designs, and equipment.


Our vision is to be a world-class company, building the projects of tomorrow today.


Our values are that of a family’s trust, reliability, and solid work eithic. We uphold these values to our employees, our clients and customers, and all other stakeholders in the community.


Safety is an absolute priority for us that we do not compromise on no matter what. We ensure at all times that all our standards and procedures are upheld for the safety of our employees, other subcontractors, and the general public.

Please find here our safety documents, documenting our standards and procedures.