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عند العمل مع يونيماك، فأنت تعمل مع شريك

تعتبر يونيماك شركة مقاولات ثقيلة متخصصة، تركز على تصميم وإنشاء وصيانة البنية التحتية. الى جانب ما يزيد عن أكثر من ألف موظّف، وأكثر من ٩٠٠ مصنع ومعدّات، لدى يونيماك القدرة على التصميم المستقل و التنفيذ الذاتي للمشاريع التي تتراوح من البنية التحتية، للمطارات، وصولا الى الطرق السريعة بين المدن.

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  • UNIMAC Rumah Crushing Facility
  • UNIMAC KKIA Production Facility
  • UNIMAC Sulay Laboratory
  • Dariyah Formula E Project
  • Abu Baker Road Project
  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Riyadh Project Lines – Saudi Constructioneers
  • FAST Metro Project Lines 4, 5 & 6

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The team completed the project according to the objectives and timetable and met all the requirement according to the Airport works.
We thank them for their efforts and wish them all the success.

Royal SaudiAir Force Air Commander

UNIMAC Company has been working with us for the past three years. Without any hesitation we recommend UNIMAC Company as a subcontractor for the projects requiring high
quality of materials.

Hanyang CorporationProject Manager

UNIMAC has completed the subcontracted asphalt work according to specification and drawings and we give our highest recommendation to them.

Kukdong ConstructionProject Manager

We have found UNIMAC to be fully cooperative and accurate in their execution of the project, meeting their deadline as well as their price quote and extending high quality standard required.

Saudi Oger Ltd, Tendering and Procurement

UNIMAC was engaged as a subcontractor for the preparation o trenches for final reinstatement, and for supplying and laying the final asphalt reinstatement to those tranches. UNIMAC is still engaged on this work and their continued use is because of their maintenance of consistently high quality work.

ENKA, Resident Engineer

J&P (Saudi Arabia) Ltd. is happy to extend our highest recommendation for UNIMAC for any asphalt projects within Saudi Arabia.

J&P, Resident Engineer

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